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With our continuously efforts to become a trusted companion of all valued customers during time of using the color sorters, HT Machine Engineering JSC always aim to be the most responsible in selling and providing after-sales service.

Please feel free to contact our Technical Department if you have any questions, requirements related to machine, technical information…It is our pleasure to serve you professionally in the fastest time with the best service quality.

Hotline Technical Dept.: 0919695576 (Mr. Hiệp) – 0979 994 080 (Mr. Thăng)

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Just like motor vehicles, we all know they are necessary to be regular maintained by skilled technicians at the center. These technicians will replace oil, air filter, water filter; check brakes and engines tuning to keep them on the road… Color sorters are also machines. They need to be maintained periodically to operate continuously in good condition and bring optimal efficiency of investment.

Many factories in foreign countries and many foreign coffee exporters in Vietnam are aware of value of such maintenance, and they request us for periodically maintenance services every year in order that our engineer team will come to factories to do maintenance and have machine operated efficiently. However, many local customers seem to ignore this important thing. They contact us only when the machine stops running. By then, precious production may be affected more or less. Sometimes, due to lack of maintenance, spare parts not timely replaced become a serious problem.

There are many benefits when factories do regular maintenance as recommended or under our Maintenance Contract. Please contact us for more details.